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Welcome to 4prints, With over Ten years experience in the Printing Business, 4prints is a pioneer in printing solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities in Kerala, 4prints is a name that has come to be synonymous with high quality, high value Printing. Built on a proud family heritage of generations of Printing, 4prints has infused this rich wisdom with cutting edge technology & future-proof knowhow. A penchant for long-standing business partnerships gives 4prints an invaluable goodwill. An inherently strong ethical code solicits utmost trust. Today, 4prints stands tall as a beacon of excellence in Printing, vouched by an enviable client roster. Knowledge, innovation, experience, and people. These are the cornerstones of 4prints .

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You will get the Best Printing Service from skilled Profesionals.


Our goal is to procure very well-formulated and perfectly astound- ed customised paper boxes for our clients by using advanced European technology.


Not to harm nature at any cost and maintaining zero plastic involvement in our production to ensure a sustainable environ- ment is our major Mission.


We are targeting to spread awareness about the significance of paper box packaging and its benefits. Team Amtrix has a success story across the board with 100+ gratified clients.

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We love great designs and believe it can work wonders for every business. .

Mitsubishi sheet-fed offset presses represent the culmination of advanced technologies developed during a period spanning more than a century and the combination of recent accomplishments achieved in the field of mechatronics. Built to meet the exacting standards of commercial printers around the globe, Mitsubishi offers today's printers a comprehensive lineup of presses ranging in size from our large format 800 mm by 1030 mm presses a to our small format all the way down.

380 mm by 273 mm presses, and all are available in configurations of up to four units. Each user-friendly press features an array of sophisticated equipment designed for reducing make-ready time along with the highest printing speeds aimed at completing the press run quicker. In addition to the numerous enhancing features of our presses, first and foremost is the renowned level of unparalleled quality each Mitsubishi sheet-fed offset press delivers.

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